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Based on recent information, here are some of the most popular board games of 2024:

  1. Hero Realms Dungeons
    • Highly anticipated and following a successful Kickstarter campaign, this game has garnered significant attention .
  2. Disney Lorcana
    • This trading card game has enjoyed runaway critical and commercial success since its launch, making it a standout in 2024 .
  3. Frosthaven
    • The sequel to Gloomhaven, this RPG board game has improved upon its predecessor in nearly every way, offering an immersive experience .
  4. Chess
    • With consistent annual sales of 3 million, Chess remains a timeless classic .
  5. Codenames
    • A modern favorite that continues to dominate board game charts .
  6. Ticket to Ride
    • Another popular choice often found at the top of best-seller lists .
  7. Azul
    • Known for its beautiful design and engaging gameplay, Azul remains a favorite among board game enthusiasts .

Additional Notable Mentions

  • Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
    • This game offers a challenging, evolving storyline and requires a dedicated group of players 1.
  • Star Wars: Outer Rim
    • Set in the Star Wars universe, this game lets players take on the roles of smugglers and bounty hunters .

These games reflect a mix of strategic depth, narrative richness, and classic appeal, catering to a wide range of preferences among board game players.

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