Game Board

You’ve probably seen some of these components in other games, but adding them to your design may be just what you need to make it complete. These components include stones, gems, diamonds, plastic stands, rivets, dials, cubes, discs, poker chips, sand timers, marbles, dry-erase pens, containers, snap bases, and many more. Ask us about all the possibilities.



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    Game Board

    The game board is one of the core accessories of the game and a completely flat, good feeling and well-designed board can add a lot of value to the game. We supply multiple folding options and thicknesses and standard boards with reinforced folds and wrapped edges Custom finishes such as UV coating, linen finish, lamination, etc. are welcome. For designs with dark backgrounds, scratch-resistant lamination is highly recommended. Printing a custom back for your board just adds minimal cost but a nice feeling. Contact us for help that matches your project.

    Style 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, Puzzle, Neoprene Mat


    157mm Art Paper +1.0mm /1.2mm /1.5mm /1.8mm /2.0mm

    /2.5mm /3.0mm Grey Board, Black Linen Paper, Rubber


    Surface Technology

    Glossy Lamination, Linen, Matt Lamination, Silver/Golden Foil, UV Spot

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