How to design great board game box

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How to design great board game box

When it comes to a board game; packaging is everything.No matter what product it is, the most attractive thing is a uniquely designed box. So for board games, successful boxes often attract people to click.

But in the face of different game components, there are often many kinds of boxes to choose from. Next, I will give you some common box types.

Two pieces box

In the classification of packaging boxes, Tiandigai packaging boxes can be said to be an important classification in paper packaging. Although the Tiandi cover box looks simple in structure, it largely meets the needs of packaging and transportation. And the material of Tiandigai packaging box is mainly gray board and corrugated paper. Its advantages of high production efficiency, low cost, and automatic mass production are very popular with some of our high-end brands.

Although the structure of the packaging box is very simple, it is very professional. At present, the material of Tiandi Box suitable for board games is generally 157g coated paper + 1.5mm gray board or 2mm gray board. Generally speaking, if the length and width exceed 30cm, we recommend choosing 2mm gray board. it will be stronger

Magnet box

The magnet box can be said to be an upgrade of the world box, also known as the book box. It will design magnets on the side for automatic adsorption of the box. Whether it is opened or closed, it is very convenient

In terms of material, apart from the addition of magnets on the gray board, there is not much difference between the basic box Tiandihe. It’s just that the box is attached to the bottom of the box, so it’s more suitable for smaller games.

Airplane box

It is named for its unfolded shape that resembles an airplane. The aircraft box adopts structural design to achieve integral molding, which is easy to make and fold, and does not require box gluing, so it can save processing costs. At the same time, it has relatively strong pressure resistance, anti-fall and impact resistance, and has strong stability. Airplane boxes don’t cost much. And the durability is also good, customers with a low budget can choose this material.

Drawer box

The drawer-type box is light and flexible, with a beautiful appearance. It can be designed in parallel with multiple layers or in a single layer.

It is divided into two parts, the inner box and the sleeve, and it is opened and closed by means of extraction. It uses more paper and is slightly more expensive. It is the same packaging method as Tiandi box with better texture, and it has a more ritual sense of opening. It is suitable for most categories. The product.

Truck box 

This box is a box that can be opened up and down. The most commonly used material is 350G white core. Most commonly used in card games. The usage rate is very high, and the cost is much lower than other box types.

Mint tin

Nowadays, many people like to travel and take some portable card games with them. Due to rain or other unexpected situations during travel, more and more people tend to use Mint Tin. This box is very simple, made of iron box, waterproof and beautiful. Not easy to crush. But the only disadvantage is that the MOQ is relatively high and the cost is higher. Therefore, if there is a customer need, we still have to proceed according to our actual situation.

That’s all for today’s brief introduction to the box. According to the size of the customer’s game and the difference in components, different box types can be selected. Each box type supports different printing processes, so each box type can produce exquisite patterns. If you have any questions, including materials, you can consult the supplier, and I believe they will give the best advice. I hope everyone can get their favorite game box!

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